U-n-i-versal ties

You were tricked into the pursuit of the material and you became material. Wanting and yearning for what has been marketed to have mass appeal. Blindly contained within a process, you show no depth, as you scramble and gamble with your own breath, in a false contest to be the best in this… beast.
You pursued the unreal and became unreal as you genuinely believed in your own falseness as being representative of greatness, instead of an artificial projection by a mind that has been taken, occupied by big corporations and programmed to believe in the lies that make you strive to be the latest leader of the contrived, forced to disguise your naturally, true identity. Consumed you gorged yourself on dreams of financial wealth, where you trade your mind, soul, health, self.
Conforming instead of ignoring the repetitive, that actively tries to reap your mind and eat at it, dirtying, sorry, washing your brain with the opposing spectrum of the words used to describe the very things they want you to visualise, distracting you from your true mission to strive, to create, and realise you and i versal ties.

Angles of an angular perspective

Perspectives differed in the angular spectrums of infinity, spinning at varying rates and different degrees, the all within the all covering an infinite perspective, from infinite views, within and without the infinite perspectives, the all within and without the all. Skewed, folded, moulded inside out, top side reversed, altered to remain the same and then made into underside, downside, upside, where we are facing, multi directional in this multidimensional, a mirror converged, conversed with a reality that existed within the minds occupied by that frequency, an existence of sensations, felt, vibrating, elevating in dimensions, a mental mind intervention as a soul of limitless possibilities, experiencing the organic.

Shaking Negativity

Third eye projecting inner thoughts that only some could view in this current dimension, concepts never seen or described before by the lower vibrations.

Those requiring elevation rose to their stations and gained information they thought they never had, but had forgotten, knowledge possessed in a time before they digressed and their vibrations started to diminish,

In a time when they became indoctrinated by what was dictated and programmed in the OS (organic systems) believing they were free when really living blind, numbing pains with narcotics, blaming things on each other like their controlled… robotics.

Now reclaiming greatness, not here to impress but to progress, reuniting and utilising a connection that was never gone, but was disguised with lies that were used to divide and weaken. With clear minds people are aware, researching, thinking and teaching.

Opening minds, unlocking their depth as they progress in their reactivation within this realm and inter-dimensionally on varying frequencies, with all knowing abilities, a universal injection, downloaded information decoded from old information re-establishing connections unseen.

Letting go of the material things they were bound to. Entrapment, doing what you thought you had to day after day, and pacified with false monetary tokens, you got paid. To keep a cycle of destruction going dampening your spirit and dehydrating your brain, rejecting the full spectrum of your auric representation and creative expression, the reason you came.

But now it’s a new age, a new day brighter future. With raised vibrations negativity shaken away

Static Travelling

Static travelling,
Journeys unravelling,
Through astral eternities,
The mind curves,
Free from the confines of the ties in this elemental existence,
Projected from an internally charged persistence,
A force,
Energy going on its own course,
Seeking its destiny, with clarity,
Shroud removed and vision improved.
A purity exudes, in the multidimensional groves of this rhythmic, galactic vibration,
Your mental instrumental.
You are a manifestation,
Of Love and life connections,
Linked together through dimensions.

Pain control

Lost pain,
Left it from where it came,
Looked at the struggles and said fuck it…
I’m gonna make a change.
Stripped bare emotions,
Used crystal light, refracted,
In meditation to become less distracted,
Addressing the problems at hand,
Helping to gain knowledge of self to understand,
Expand, and see,
My true ability is not determined by things that have happened to me,
They are all simply sensory,
Challenges to assist me,
In this life discovery,
Reframing my focus of ability,
It’s down to my personal expectancy,
Of what I wanna do and where I wanna be,


Divine reflections

A universal vortex,
Connected to the cortex,
An awareness…a thought process,
Of a high frequency,
Vibrating within you and me,
Through pattern making,
As we intertwine,
Our inner mind begins to chatter,
We listen to the messages,
Transmitted to our grey matter,
Energy passing through our circuitry,
We live in love and unity,
Glowing like star stations,
Adhering to intergalactic codes from far away nations,
Reforming links,
A bond shared with the ether,
In the cycle of energy,
Returning to a source of unity,
Our destiny, to be the best that we can be,
Flourishing like blossom,
Building on data from times that were forgotten,
But now remembered,
With antenna tuned into a clear reception,
A regrowth is occurring and we see once again our true divine reflection.