Static Travelling

Static travelling,
Journeys unravelling,
Through astral eternities,
The mind curves,
Free from the confines of the ties in this elemental existence,
Projected from an internally charged persistence,
A force,
Energy going on its own course,
Seeking its destiny, with clarity,
Shroud removed and vision improved.
A purity exudes, in the multidimensional groves of this rhythmic, galactic vibration,
Your mental instrumental.
You are a manifestation,
Of Love and life connections,
Linked together through dimensions.

Pain control

Lost pain,
Left it from where it came,
Looked at the struggles and said fuck it…
I’m gonna make a change.
Stripped bare emotions,
Used crystal light, refracted,
In meditation to become less distracted,
Addressing the problems at hand,
Helping to gain knowledge of self to understand,
Expand, and see,
My true ability is not determined by things that have happened to me,
They are all simply sensory,
Challenges to assist me,
In this life discovery,
Reframing my focus of ability,
It’s down to my personal expectancy,
Of what I wanna do and where I wanna be,


Divine reflections

A universal vortex,
Connected to the cortex,
An awareness…a thought process,
Of a high frequency,
Vibrating within you and me,
Through pattern making,
As we intertwine,
Our inner mind begins to chatter,
We listen to the messages,
Transmitted to our grey matter,
Energy passing through our circuitry,
We live in love and unity,
Glowing like star stations,
Adhering to intergalactic codes from far away nations,
Reforming links,
A bond shared with the ether,
In the cycle of energy,
Returning to a source of unity,
Our destiny, to be the best that we can be,
Flourishing like blossom,
Building on data from times that were forgotten,
But now remembered,
With antenna tuned into a clear reception,
A regrowth is occurring and we see once again our true divine reflection.

Harvested Minds

With hearts that are heavy,
Filled with anger and frustration,
Hatred infested propagation,
Built up with a negative perspective,
Manifested in minds injected,
By a society Infected, suppression causing a regression,
Enforced upon generations,
Who’s psyches are impacted by subliminal spells cast using semantics,
With seeds of mistruth planted,
And true information about self has been extracted, or compacted,
Generations created, by being manipulated,
Who in turn are forced to generate,
And populate,
What the “powers that be” state,
In their quest for a robotic system of conformity,
In its artificial glory and sorcery,
Causing physical and mental deformity,
Within all components of society,
Breeding herds of sheep,
People programmed to remain asleep,
Living with feelings of being incomplete,
With no true concept of freedom,
Content with living in an illusion that has been adorned to be appealing,
Depicting images that have been manipulated,
Natural beauty shunned and unappreciated,
Manipulating minds into self hatred,
Hiding the truth – never revealing,
Instead forever feeding the ego driven demons,
With a constant distraction,
Programming your ideals and attractions,
To engage in pointless interactions,
That numb your reactions,
Creating emotionless drones and factory made clones,
And make you blind to the control held over you,
As you conform and submit to being constantly told what to do…
Harvested minds.

By Nikita B

Free Mind

A ride beyond any barriers of space and time,
A truth of an eternal energy,
A breeze of clarity blowing…flowing,
In tune with a natural rhythm of peace,
Just being…at ease,
Tuned in to the etheric heartbeat,
A tingling sensation through my head and my feet.
A connection, a feeling of being complete.
Cosmically intertwined,
Tapped into the divine,
Chakras spinning up my spine,
Meditate and free your mind



Absorbing the atmospheric vibration in my regeneration,
Soaking in positive energy,
A projection of love reflected back at me.
A feeling of connectedness to all entirety,
Unified with a universal power,
Feeling free in a cosmic shower of multiple lights…spectrum,
Transported through space in a multidimensional pattern of intricacy,
a web, a code of complexity,
Interwoven energetic flow on a continuum
Continuing on an eternal course.